DIY Branding

Unlike the standard theme for Zendesk Guide, all our templates have a wide range of advanced tools to let you brand your help center without external help and coding skills.

From now on, you can easily brand your Zendesk Guide and make changes as often as you wish without having to involve developers. Explore what you can change on your own.


Changes you can make in our themes for Zendesk Guide:

  1. Main colors of the theme, fonts from Google Fonts, logo, favicon, background image in the search area


  1. Icons on the main page, as well as their names and links


  1. Home page layout. You can choose which blocks to show, for example custom blocks, category list, category tree, promoted articles.


  1. Colors for formatting components


  1. Social media links in the footer


Save money by getting an advanced theme for Zendesk Guide that can be branded without coding skills and additional costs.

If you need more complicated changes, you can order Zendesk branding and customization from Lotus Themes.

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